Freestyle - A Fully Sustainable Collection Made in 2 Weeks For LFW

A piece i made which is hand sewn and made from 2nd Hand Tshirts from Charity Shops

A piece i made which is hand sewn and made from 2nd Hand Tshirts from Charity Shops

For this collection i decided to call it ‘Freestyle’ as i had only two weeks to put it together and i was literally making decisions as i went along rather than having a plan! I knew the collection was going to be 100% Sustainable and a way to get across the message that reusing old clothes can be cool and you will have a product that no one else has as its unique.

I wanted to make an impact with the collection and make it as colourful, positive and create a happy reaction so i used different colours - more so blues, reds, fuchsia pinks and yellow! I sewed for two weeks not knowing what the final product as a whole would look like - i up-cycle jackets but never a whole collection of products stemming from tops, bottoms to dresses and all sewed by hand!

I was nervous on the day of the show because at this stage it was what it was but the reaction i got down the runway was amazing - i was in total shock! Everyone loved the colours, the hand painting, the different cultures, embellishment and the mixing of different colours! Everyone had their phones out taking pictures and the amount of reposts received on my social media was out of this world for me anyway.

I talked the looks through with the hair and makeup and i told them i wanted to get across the message of unity and everyday colour, i wanted to mix different cultures together so demonstrate we are all equal and together we can make a change in the world. I loved the ‘Love’ sign on the forehead inspired by FK Twigs we added a heart to make it a little different and individual - it worked a treat! The show was such a success and i am so grateful to be part of such an amazing cause which is The Princes Trust and organised by Fashion Futures :)