London College Of Fashion interviews QUILLATTIRE

WE SPOKE TO LCF ABOUT OUR new SS20 Freestyle Collection that we made in 2 weeks and made from up-cycling Charity & Vintage Shop Product, A LITTLE TEASER BELOW. cLICK THE LINK TO READ THE FULL INTERVIEW.

London Fashion Week remains a vital platform for LCF alumni and graduates among other emerging designers to showcase their work to the industry. We spoke to BA (Hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting alumna Priya Jangda, founder of Quillattire.

What message are you trying to send with your collection?

The collection is called 'Freestyle', literally because I only had 2 week's notice to make it! I had no mood board but I knew I wanted to get a message across to the world which was our planet is suffering and together can help it. I started visiting charity shops and buying sportswear, it just struck me as my brand is genderless and sports is a sign of strength so why not combine these all together for a womenswear show? Silhouettes that were masculine but for strong women! The collection contained hand painted protest slogans such as 'Together we can make a change', The world won't change it self' and transcripts from all over the world such as Hindi, Japanese, Chinese & English to communicate we are all one and can make changes if we work together.

Quillattire is all about helping and encouraging unity - everyone is equal and we all aligned can make such an impact to our world! I have spoken to many friends and taken part in discussions and its fascinating that most people are not aware of the global impact fast fashion is having on our planet and species, it's not their fault but the people in the industry's job I feel to try an educate. People think fast fashion is okay as its cheap and makes them look good but the facts are not being promoted by these brands.

My mission to create this collection in 2 weeks and get it onto the runway in front of eyes was to showcase that reusing is cool - and look at what you can create!

An image of a Look for our Freestyle Collection made from Vintage Football Tops.

An image of a Look for our Freestyle Collection made from Vintage Football Tops.

Ex Metro Editor & Sustainability Journalist   Beljacobs   Talks about Quillattire

Ex Metro Editor & Sustainability Journalist Beljacobs Talks about Quillattire

Our ‘Retrograde’ Collection featured on @Distracttv

Silk Fred

Silk Fred

Sticks and Stones By Wekoko

Sticks and Stones By Wekoko

Feroce Magazine 2017

Feroce Magazine 2017

Asian Woman writes about our Styling work and how we see Fashion than just glam but an expression of yourself and something that encourages confidence and not doubt.

Lifestyle Magazine / Alter Ego

The Cool Fashion / Don't Judge me

A write up by Cool Fashion blog talking about how we strongly believe Fashion can be so much more than release after release, but something to support positive change and make people feel amazing not wanting to look a certain way.

Harry Pseftoudis / Swag

Harry Pseftoudis / Don't Judge me

Flownerds / Swag

BOW / Cartoon
view story

We invited Yuwei the Journalist to our Sustainable Fashion Show During London Fashion Week. She talks in her blog about her thoughts of the collection and the meaning behind the collection in our eyes. Have a click below through to her blog and have a read, a little teaser below..

‘I am who I am. Your Approval Is Not Needed." is the brand's mantra and is founded on the codes of giving fabrics a new life. On top of that, the genderless, retro streetwear brand strives to represent youth, individual style and self-expression. The entire collection is made from second-hand clothing, which Priya has deconstructed, painted, embellished and embroidered to make each piece new again.’

‘The sustainability message was spread loud and clear at the show with models adorned in hard-hitting climate change fashion. Using elements of different cultures featured in the collection, Priya wanted to showcase that together we can make a change in the world. The line up of bright colours and slogan prints sprinkled some extra seeds of rebellion to the presentation. What stood out particularly were 3 looks:’

Before i was chosen to take part in Sustainable Fashion Futures Runway Show during London Fashion Week, former Metro Editor Beljacobs who is now a Sustainable Journalist did an intro write up to each designer who was participating. Press the link to read the full write up. She talks about our collections being sustainable and out journeys of becoming sustainable designers.

We are happy to announce we were exclusively interviewed by I-D magazine by Vice. We spoke about the start of Quillattire and how insecurities and bullying lead to its birth, the future of Quillattire, Our Sustainable collection, and discussed our thoughts to why the fashion industry was not doing as much as it could be doing in regards to supporting sustainability. Click the link for a read.

So we won the ASOS Homepage Competition! We submitted some amazing images with our product and ASOS loved them, you can see the images all over the website but click here for more of an in depth read about the process!


Quillattire show cases its Season 3 unisex collection during London Fashion Week. Inspired by a trip to Japan, the bright lights, arcades, the hustle & bustle & the tranquility of Mount Fuji.

Our ‘Retrograde’ Collection shown by Distracttv from New York who are an online media platform covering events and news in Fashion, Music & Culture. Distracttv produce exclusive video content and celebrity interviews. Click the Link to read a write up they did on Quillattire, blurb below.

How did Quillattire come about?

I was always told from a young age I was not good enough to be a designer nor did I look the part, I was an under confident tomboy. I was put down quite a lot growing up, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could be a designer and break all these biased and negative comments’


A photoshoot done of our ‘Retrograde Collection by Silk Fred. Check out the collection by tapping the link.


A photoshoot by Wekoko, shot for Sticks and Stones Agency.

Lloyd Nwagboso ‘Misfits’

Founded by models Lloyd Nwagboso & Ana Tanaka, Wekoko is an online market place for rad af independent fashion brands. For their latest shoot Wekoko teamed up with new kid on the block, photographer Sam Pyatt.

“This series pays homage to the girls who are tired of fitting into other people’s ideals of how a woman should be & behave. They are doing it their way & that’s just how it’s going to be.”


Our Satin Green Bomber Jacket Published in Feroce Magazine.

Shot by Lauren Marsh


Asian Woman featured our Styling pictures back in the day. We still kept it real by choosing some amazing Streetwear brands and showcased them as Genderless. The Model is Wearing Mens sweatshirts and bottoms from brands Supreme Being, Play Dot Apparel , Ted Baker, Topshop and H&M

‘Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style’.


An Editorial we called ‘Alter Ego’ we made each dress featured by hand from End of Line Fabrics. We also wrote the editorial, published by Life Style Magazine. A little teaser of what was written.

‘Looking in the mirror wishing, hoping to be that someone you have always aspired to be. This editorial portrays a girl with hidden ambition, however growing up in an area consumed by negativity, disappointment and failure, naturally obscures her passion, with the fear of being judged by her peers. She looks in the mirror one day and sees her dream, her alter ego, who she transforms into, finding the courage to believe in herself and follow her heart and intuition to achieve her goals.

An alter ego is a character that you wish to be, you believe you are and so become. Idols such as Beyonce, whose alter ego ‘Sacha Fierce’ is famously unleashed on stage having an immense impact on millions of individuals watching. If one individual can have such an impact on the world and they themselves have their own insecurities requiring an alter ego to bring out confidence and passion. Its easy the world is your oyster and you can do as you so desire within reason that is…