Sustainability in the Fashion Industry - Monday 24th June 19 Talk at Arboretum

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Today we will be speaking at the Arboretum in Charring Cross from 1830 - 2200, we will be discussing the future of fashion and how as a fashion brand we stay sustainable. Come join us!

Producing 20% of wastewater, the fashion industry is the second-biggest consumer of water while also generating more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Every day, more and more Fashion brands are refusing this reality and are building the path to a better future, with better practices and better ethics. From cradle to cradle, they are rethinking every stage of the clothing lifecycle to propose an alternative vision where Fashion can help and support the fight against global warming.

We are thrilled to introduce a new edition of our SSSHAKE Talks. For this 5th edition, we are inviting inspiring founders of sustainable fashion brands to discuss the future of the fashion industry as well as the challenges and complexity of building a sustainable brand.