A journey incomplete with out the place i studied at - An Interview with London College Of Fashion where it all started

We had the privilege of being asked to interview for London College Of Fashion where i studied Fashion Designer Pattern Cutter, it was such an honour to do this interview and hopefully inspire the students looking to study Fashion Design - going through their own obstacles and worries. Sometimes what you want in life is so much harder than you think but i truly believe if you believe in yourself you will get it! A little intro to the interview - click below to read more.

‘Priya Jangda fought against her cultural conventions of landing in a white-collar job to pursue her true passion: fashion design. After graduating from her BA (Hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting at LCF, she took inspiration from her personal experiences as a young, Indian woman and has recently launched Quillattire, a sustainable streetwear brand under the motto 'I am who I am. Your approval is not needed.' In this interview, Priya tells us why she decided to start her own label and unveils the real motives behind her youth-empowering designs. ‘