Students Round the World, Strike School For Climate Change Protests

I think its so dope that the youth are standing up for climate change and protesting!!

Last August, a Swedish 15-year-old decided to skip school one Friday and hold a one-woman climate change demonstration outside Sweden's parliament - she is an inspiration! She did the same thing the following Friday. And the one after that, and every single Friday since, because Greta Thunberg – who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – believed that young people should not be the ones to suffer from the negligence of previous generations. Her activism has spread and inspired the international movement Fridays for Future. Students around Europe have been skipping school on Friday’s to protest by putting pressure on their country’s governments to do something about the state of the planet.

In London in February we saw #YouthStrike4Climate protest outside parliament, with thousands of kids skipping school and all round the world like India, Australia, the whole of Europe and more. 

Image taken from Vice

Image taken from Vice