Adidas commits to using only recycled plastic by 2024 - What are your thoughts?

Adidas Commits to using only recycled plastics by 2024…

Adidas Commits to using only recycled plastics by 2024…

So Adidas has announced by 2024 it will only be using only recycled plastics company wide, which includes all products and even their offices, warehouses, retail outlets and distribution centres.

Basically meaning they will be phasing out new plastic product which is popular in sportswear for its lightweight and quick drying properties. Apparently Adidas has already started using recycled plastics in their SS19 Apparel line!

This is all great and i fully commend Adidas for taking the initiative to do this BUT is recycled plastic good for the environment? I mean yes its great that you are taking plastics from the ocean and using them again to prevent the use of new plastics being incorporated into your new collections - is it great for the environment reusing a material that is not great for the environment in the first place?